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Executive Summary

Capacity Building for Institutions in Myanmar Project

Brief Project Description:

            The Norwegian Embassy of Thailand in collaboration with Mahidol University plans to provide full scholarship for graduate studies (30 Master & 30 Doctoral scholarships in 4 areas) to Myanmar citizen as a measure to help build capacity of important institutions in Myanmar. Under this project, qualified candidates will be recruited and enrolled in graduate study programs at Mahidol University in Thailand in the following priority fields; life science & health, social & population science, human right & peace studies and environmental science.

Target Group:

            Main target groups include faculty members in public universities and government officials of national institutions. In addition, workforce in the related non-governmental or private institutions that play important role in the advancement of the country will also be considered. Candidates from minority background, female sex and rural areas will be given a strong consideration toward enrollment.

Area of Study:

            Master programs:

            Group 1: Life science & health: 15 scholarships which may include but not limited to pre-clinical sciences (anatomy, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, pathophysiology, epidemiology, nutrition), Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical & Radiological Technology, Physical Therapy and Public Health

            Group 2: Social & population science: 5 scholarships

            Group 3: Human rights & peach studies: 5 scholarships

            Group 4: Environmental science: 5 scholarships

            Doctoral degrees:

            Group 1: Life science & health: 10 scholarships

            Group 2: Social & population science: 8 scholarships

            Group 3: Human rights & peace studies: 5 scholarships

            Group 4: Environmental science: 7 scholarships

Student Enrollment:

            Enrollment of students will be conducted in 2 consecutive academic year starting from August 2013 and end in December 2014.

            Both active and passive recruitment will be implemented. For active recruitment, Mahidol University will conduct active recruitment from its academic network. In addition, a formal announcement through the Embassy, university website and other regular channels of advertisement will be implemented. Candidates must meet all admission requirements set forth by the university and each specific program in order to be enrolled in a program. The decision for admission will solely be upon the admission committee of each program. In addition to the usual application process, on-site recruitment and/or interview may also be conducted, if necessary. The project aims to start enrolling students in September of 2013 for both Master & Doctoral programs.

Duration of Study:

            For the majority of Mahidol's master programs, duration of study is within 24 months for full-time enrollment. Certain program may require shorter time such as the Master of Public Health (MPH). At Mahidol University, the doctoral degree program normally covers 3 years of full-time study. In order to complete a doctoral degree, a doctoral student must satisfactorily complete the required credits, attain a cumulative GPA not less than 3.50, must have at least one article published in an internationally-refereed journal, and must complete a doctoral dissertation on a topic relevant to the home country’s development or of significance in the ASEAN context. For research, students will be encouraged to conduct some parts of their research work in Myanmar to promote real situation experience, if possible. This will be based on availability of research tools and other feasibilities involved along with shared discretion of students and their supervisors.  

Scholarship Coverage:

Scholarship will cover the following items.

            Tuition fee + all educational fees

            Living expenses: 15,000 baht/month x 24 (MS) – 36 (PhD) months*

            With some reserves on study extension

            Other expenses:    40,000 baht/person (covering 1 roundtrip air-fare, visa, health insurance, books)

* Reduced monthly expense to 7,500 baht/month during the period when a student comes back to conduct research locally.

Operating Organization:

            Mahidol University is a public, autonomous university which receives partial funding from the Royal Thai Government. Originated in 1888 from the first hospital in Thailand, Mahidol University has now become the top university of Thailand with over 3,600 academicians, 28,000 students & over 600 degree & non-degree programs offered. The university strength ranges from life sciences & medicine, social & population sciences, arts/humanities and basic & applied sciences. Mahidol University is ranked at number 1st in Thailand and 42nd in Asia (overall ranking). Mahidol University is a proud member of the ASEAN University Network (AUN).  

            Mahidol University has served as a leading training hub for human capacity development through various types & length of non-degree and degree programs for ASEAN region since 1980's. The university also houses 8 World Health Organization Collaborating Centers (WHO-CC) along with various Secretariat Offices of important regional networks such as SEAMEO-TROPMED. 

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