Participants from all six of the countries within the Mekong Basin as well as from Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and the USA have participated in different research. Since 2003 to date, four joint research investigations have evolved:

• Asialink’s project on urban wetland ecosystem management, involved University of Salzburg and University of Helsinki, Finland;

• Bamboo of Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam, involved Museum of Natural History Paris, France;

• Botanical study of the family Zingiberaceae, involved Royal Botanic Garden-Edinburgh, Singapore Botanic Garden;

• Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP), a survey of 531 wetlands in the whole Mekong Basin, involved scientists of US Geological Survey (USGS), International Crane Foundation (ICF), examined a landscape never before studied in the region.

Theses research projects exemplified the potential of the Network

Figure 2 A survey of
A survey of 531 wetlands in the whole Mekong basin by the Network


Persistent Organic Pollutants in Wetlands of the Mekong Basin

Tran Triet, Jeb Anthony Barzen, Sansanee Choowaew, Jon Michael Engels, Duong Van Ni, Nguyen Anh Mai, Khamla Inkhavilay, Kim Soben, Rath Sethik, Bhuvadol Gomotean, Le Xuan Thuyen, Aung Kyi, Nguyen Huy Du, Richard Nordheim, Ho Si Tung Lam, Dorn M. Moore, and Scott Wilson

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